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Email newsletter recommendations

With all of the content we consume these days, I still rely on a few trusted sources to help keep me informed of top headlines for the world, our society, and my local city. You too can stay in the know by subscribing to email newsletters from leading publishers and brands who curate the most important and trending stories.

Here are the newsletters I look forward to seeing in my inbox regularly:


BostInno's The Beat's BosTen (Thursdays weekly)

The Boston Globe's Fast Forward

Current events theSkimm's The Daily Skimm


Pop culture Elite Daily


Girls’ Night In (Fridays weekly)

Tech/business The Hustle

Women in business

Career Contessa (Sundays weekly)

Girlboss Diary (Tuesdays weekly)

Have your own favorites? Leave a comment below with any others I should check out!


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