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Inspiring career lessons from the 2019 Young Women in Digital Conference

Young Women in Digital Conference | #YWDConference

I recently attended the third annual conference hosted by Young Women in Digital, a community of female digital marketing professionals in the Boston area. While I have staffed conferences before for clients during my PR days, this was my first time ever attending a conference on my own behalf, and I was giddy with excitement to have the chance to get out of the office and focus on professional development in an area of interest to me. It felt almost like I was back in school, but in a good way (something I never thought I’d say). Just goes to show that when you’re passionate about something, learning can actually be fun!

In a nutshell, this conference provided Boston-area girlbosses with the chance to learn more about the latest marketing trends and tools, hear personal career stories from women who are succeeding in the industry, and meet and network with like-minded peers and marketing leaders from established and up-and-coming brands.

I published a blog post on LinkedIn with my biggest takeaways from the conference if you’re interested in learning more. Check it out here.


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